Summer Meatbirds Win. Show True Grit

It was a dark, rainy night.  The Bruins game was ticking toward overtime.  The squad was already short-handed as many a player bowed out of the late night game due to “more important” commitments they deemed worthy of.  We’ll leave that topic for another day…

As we prepared pre-game, the locker room was pin drop quiet. Jeff was dressing near the door, and I could see him anxiously looking at it, hoping it would open to bring in more bodies. Just one more… Alas, it never did.  So we took the ice with 7 players and a goalie knowing he would be facing some serious rubber.  The off ice training was on full display, as we battled for 60 minutes against a younger Marshrats squad with a bench to spare.  J. Knight took control offensively.  Salty and Andy anchored the forecheck.  Shawn “Marchand” Coffey got under their skin.  Jason, Peck and Dun kept it simple on the backend, and Correiro stood on his head.  We escaped a late game flurry with a 6-4 victory to keep us undefeated heading into game 3.

I speak for all that I am spent today, but that sweet victory made it all worth it.  See you all next week, same time, same place.


2 thoughts on “Summer Meatbirds Win. Show True Grit

  1. Tough Loss last night, but the post game efforts dulled the pain. Thanks to Shawn and his sidekick for the efforts. Working on Tabor skate(s) in a couple weeks. Will let you all know. Dun

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