Hosers Prevail, Defeat Oglethorpes 6-3, Win Cup

A grueling 5 game series came to its conclusion Tuesday night at Hetland Arena as the Yellow Hosers defeated the Green Oglethorpe’s 6-3 in front of a capacity crowd frenzied with excitement. After staving off elimination in game 4 with a convincing win, Oglethorpe captain Chris MacLean had the squad ready for action, but Yellow was a determined bunch from the first shift.

C. Jay Wilbur, brought in from the Cedar Rapids junior team replacing Marc Nadeau who was lost for the season to a knee injury, started the scoring, popping in a rebound early to get Yellow on the board. Jamie Knight kept the scoring going, converting a neutral zone turnover to make it 2-0. The teams traded goals and then a fluke shot deflected off the ceiling netting and landed behind Hoser netminder Boo Davison, who couldn’t believe it. After tempers flared, the 1977 rulebook of Meatbird Hockey was consulted and the goal stood up. Defenseman Chris Peck returned fire, chugging down the slot and tucking a shot 5 hole past goalie Tom Evans.

Ulitmately, it did not matter. Yellow kept their 2-1-2 box defensive shutdown system going, with strong defensive games by Steve Taylor and a returning Scotty Dickson (Upper Body Injury), frustrating Green, especially assistant captain S. Paul Coffey. A late rush put on by Green yielded a final goal, but it was not enough. The contest ended with Yellow raising the Meatbird Cup in triumph, and hanging another banner in the Hetland rafters. Series MVP, goalie Davison said “There is nothing sweeter than winning the Cup. The competition was formidable, but I never had a doubt we’d secure it for another year.”

The ring ceremony will take place Saturday April 26th in S. Dartmouth. More to follow under separate email.

In all honesty, thanks to all of you for playing Meatbird’s this year. Remember, there are strict term limits on the Commissioner’s job, and I know there are a number of you who have expressed interest in it, but I am happy to handle it again next year. Good group of guys makes it fun.

Hope to see you all at Steve Taylor’s on the 26th.