Bandits Subdued 4-2

Big win last night boys. Birds 4 Bandits 2 Thanks to Gil first and foremost for his usual performance. We made a huge upgrade when C Jay showed unannounced and Sully running late again. We started off strong in the first as Ruel playing defense just happened to be in front of the net for a nice finish. Went up two when Shawn who just found out he has Ebola to go along with Malaria and Lyme fed a nice pass to Gal who found the five hole. Bandits won the battle in the second frame to tie the game at two. The third belonged to Sully who found the back of the net twice to seal the victory. Good solid performance by everyone. I want to thank Scott, Shawn and Chris for the water after the game.

In other team notes. Jim Knight was fined 1 case of Old Milwaukee and Al Marsden has been fined and must have the Meat Bird summer party after the Tabor Skate on the 21st. Salty gets a pass for telling C Jay about the game.

Dunn gets his job back because I just wasted half hour writing this…

Next Game 10:30 p.m. vs Hyundai

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